Import-Export Business in Pakistan:

Pakistan is 6th largest having population country in the world the increasing population has also increased its markets also. The markets are full of competition and potential. The business of import and export is getting fame and growing day by day over here. There are many reasons going into import and export the core reason is the foreign currency. All businessmen gain profit by interchanging foreign currency into domestic currency. Pakistan has good terms and conditions with other countries this leads Pakistan for smooth business dealing with them. Mazaviar has made the business of import-export convenient and easier by providing the best services in this field.

Mazaviar Trading Pvt Ltd imports all sorts of machinery and equipment with their spare parts based on modern technology. The import products are highly efficient, productive and time-saving in contrast with domestically produced merchandises.  

Salient Features of Mazaviar Trading Pvt Ltd

  • Mazaviar Trading Pvt Ltd is a point which helps the Clients to do their transactions internationally.
  • Mazaviar Trading Pvt Ltd is the best and conducive place to enlarge and catch on International Trade. The company helps you in growing your business in international dealings in import and export services and in finding the best suppliers of required products around the planet.
  • Mazaviar Trading Pvt Ltd also provides you best import services in Pakistan. This serves you with significant industries of plastic, miscellaneous and automotive industry. All machinery goods are imported according to the desire and need of the customers such as raw plastic and any type of machinery.
  • Mazaviar Trading Pvt Ltd imports Industrial automation parts for the clients keeping in view their needs range and suppliers accordingly. For the automotive, the company imports all sorts of bikes, cars and other automobiles and their spare parts such as Bumper lights and other aftermarket parts etc
  • Mazaviar Trading Pvt Ltd has specialized personals that are available for dealing in different industries. These personals guide the clients and help them in finding the best suitable suppliers. They also lead them to get the best products for their deals.
  • Mazaviar Trading Pvt Ltd supports in choosing the best supplier of the respective product and in negotiating the prices with suppliers when the transaction is done and all other term and conditions are agreed the company charges consultation fee with mutual concern based on time spent on making the transaction.

Mazaviar Trading Pvt Ltd‘s Consultation Process:

We are the best in imports service provider in Pakistan. There are four consultation processes. These steps involve both parties the supplier and the buyer. These steps are the essential elements for ensuring the best outcome.

Selection of the product

The first and foremost step is to select the product to go for a deal. Inform us about the required product. You can choose the product by searching it online or from any other source. Once the product is selected decide the quantity of the product. The product can be in MT or even in a single unit.

Finding out best Supplier

Here comes the major task for us. We find the best suppliers around the world to accomplish the demand of our customer. We provide our customer with the list of all the related suppliers after scrutinizing them. We recommend the best suppliers for import.

Price negotiation

We fix the best and most reasonable price with the supplier for the benefit of our regular shopper. The company does the negotiation on the customer’s behalf.

Collection of the product

The cycle completes when the product is received and the customer is fully contented.